June 27, 2006

My Mary Jones Brickwall

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I apologize for the delay in continuing my story about Our Progenitor, Burlingham Rudd. It was indeed an unplanned interruption but you know how if goes when one of your brickwalls starts to come down. Like a birddog on a scent, you have to take off and follow it to its conclusion. And as in most cases of brickwalls, you jump over one and find others, but just getting over that first one is reason enough for celebration.

I want to thank Denise and Barb for getting me over my Mary Jones brickwall. I’m planning on putting together a narrative for later once we get some more information and some of the documentation arrives, but I’d like to briefly tell you a little bit about where I’ve been.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingMary Jones (1825-1869) was Elias Trowell Rudd’s (1819-1895) first wife and the mother of my great great-grandfather, Zenothan Miles Rudd (1860-1938), who was a twin to Zeno Miner Rudd (1860-1935). I had in my database that her father was named John Edmond Jones with a little information about him and that her mother was Sarah Nancy Vaughan but had no more information on her. I also had in my database that John Edmond Jones’ father was the Reverend Charles Shephard Vincent Jones of SC.

In a very weird twist, it turns out that the information needed to get over the Charles Shephard Vincent Jones brickwall was contained in a letter written some years ago whose author was a Jones researcher writing in response to an inquiry from a Rudd researcher and in more recent years that letter had ended up in the hands of a third person. The contents of the letter was revealed to me because of Denise and Barb and I can not thank them enough!

Charles Shephard Vincent Jones is the son of Edmond Jones of Colleton Co. SC. He served in the Salt Catcher Volunteer Co. (local militia) during the lead up to the American Revolution. His wife was most likely a Shephard of Beaufort Co. SC.

Sarah Nancy Vaughan’s father was Michael Vaughan, who was of Scottish descent and can be found in the 1830 Walton Co. FL census. Michael and Charles both moved their families to the Euchee Valley where there was a Scottish settlement.

As a added bonus, I never knew Mary Jones was of Scottish descent.


Anonymous said...

Hello Linda

I happened onto your blog as I was trying to find some reference to the names Zeno and Zenothan. You have done an amazing amount of work and presented it marvelously. You inspire me to continue the work I’m doing on the history of the descendants of Michael Vaughan Sr., who migrated to the Euchee Valley from the Scots-Irish settlement in Maggie Valley of North Carolina around 1824. Mary Jones was one of those descendants.

According to the genealogy done by one of my great-uncles, Mary and Elias Trowell Rudd had eleven children, including the twin boys, Zeno and Zenothan, born in Quincy, Fl on April 10, 1860. Mary died in 1869: Elias Trowell Rudd died March 21, 1895. I don’t have any original information on Mary or Elias, but I have their birthdates: Mary, July 25, 1825 and Elias, February 28, 1819. Mary was probably born in what is now Geneva County, AL.

I hope this information is of interest to you.

Is that a picture of Mary Jones on the left of your information about John Edmund?

Best wishes

p.s. I'm sorry to be anonymous. Is there a word for "fear of junk mail?"

Linda Rudd said...

Hello My Anonymous Cousin ... ;)

On the chance you stop back by, I’m going to leave this message for you.

First, my email addy is LindaRudd@aol.com or you can click on the quill pen graphic in the sidebar. Secondly, I’m so glad you found the blog and to hear you are working on Michael Vaughan, Sr. I might have some things to share with you for your history. While I was working on that piece about My Brick Wall, Mary Jones, I found land records of Michael Vaughan in Colleton, SC about 1800 but he is not in the 1800 census. However, the 1810 census does show a Michael Vaughan that I think might be him. It’s circumstantial, but nearby is Charles Shepherd Vinson Jones who is Mary Jones’ grandfather. Also, near by is a Rudd group of the Rudd clan who I believe is the Rudd line that is Elias David Rudd who is Elias Trowell’s father. Elias Trowell and Mary Jones will marry and as you know produce Zeno Minor and Zenithan Miles Rudd. I too would like to find out where those names came from.

I don’t think I knew that Michael Vaughan Sr. was out of Maggie Valley, NC. Do you happen to know when he was there? If it’s the same Michael Vaughan later in SC then it looks like he was in Colleton by 1800 but I’ll need to find my copy of the land record to see the month. The only Vaughan in the Colleton, SC 1800 census that I’ve found is Rosetta Vaughan, does that name mean anything to you?

Your info on Mary and Elias is correct to my knowledge. I can fill you in on the rest of it as far as what I know .. if or when you’re interested. Yes, that is Mary Jones’ picture in that narrative. She was a beautiful, gentle woman from what I’ve gathered about her.

Thanks for your kind words about my work. You see I’ve been away from the blog for several months, life just keeps getting in the way! BUT now, you have returned the favor and inspired me to get back to it!!

Keep in touch!!

Anne said...

someday the book of the CSV Jones genealogy will be complete and published......
if anyone has information on this Jones line before 1800, and if anyone knows who the immigrant ancestor of Mary Jones Rudd was, please email me.

C.A.T. said...

As you may know, I have made progress in the research of Edmund JONES who died 1790 Charleson,SC whose Will shows his son, Charles Shepherd Vincent JONES. I published my findings 1996-2016 at my website www.southernrootsandshoots.com many years ago.

Linda Rudd said...


Thanks for stopping by. I’ve not had the time to do much more with my Jones line as far as my blog is concerned. But I am actively working on moving the line back from Edmund Jones in SC. I’m hoping my atDNA results will produce some leads! I went to your blog ... I see you have my picture of Mary Jones! She seems to have been such a wonderful woman. I have an old story from a Rudd researcher that tells of her seeing one of her newly born granddaughters in hours before she died. It’s quite dramatic and moving. I’ll publish it on my blog when I get to a stopping point and I can write my Jones narrative. You and I have similar on CSV Jones. I’ve wondered about him being in Beaufort in 1800, but I’ve not been able to find anything that confirms it was him. My problem is trying to rectify that in the 1800 census, he reports his age older than in the later year censuses, and in 1800 it list a male, one would assume son, who is really old to be CSV’s son. But I do have a land survey for my G. Rud in Beaufort that has a Jones neighbor. Maybe that is a relative. However, I think the Rudd, Jones and Vaughan families likely knew each other back in SC. I’ve done some additional research on Michael Vaughan too. I believe he is in Colleton with some land grants in that area near where CVS had land. I also see you list Michael Vaughan’s wife as Nancy Powell, I’ve heard that her name was Nancy and that would make sense since she named a daughter Nancy. But I have not found any evidence of him in VA, but there are several Michael Vaughans there. However, we differ somewhat about Michael Vaughan’s migration. I do think he and Edmund Jones were both in the Darlington District; it was called the Welsh Tract. It was mostly populated by Welsh from Delaware who were actively enticed by land grants and suspended taxes to relocate. And there is a James Jones who had several tracts up there which might be Capt. James Jones from the Will.